MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016

Presented by MIT Enterprise Forum

MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016

The MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Greece Startup Competition is a technology accelerating competition in which Greek startups compete for prizes. If you have an exciting new product or service, participating in MITEF Greece Startup Competition will give you access to the practical knowledge, mentorship, and resources to take your venture to the next level. Competition winners are the best of the best in Greece, and will receive global recognition through the MIT Enterprise Forum Global, a global network devoted to enabling early-stage entrepreneurs to transform ideas into world-changing companies.

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June 30th, 2016: Winners Announced! Read the full announcement.

MIT Enterprise Forum Greece is proud to announce the 3 winners of MITEF Greece Startup Competition. The first prize winner is Yodiwo, second prize winner is InSybio Ltd., and third prize winner is Sentio Solutions (Feel). We are all very excited with not just the promise of these exciting new technologies, but also the passion of the Greek entrepreneurs who have participated in our competition. Thank you all, and we are looking forward to next year's competition.

1 February, 2016: Semifinalists announced! Read the full announcement.

The 25 semifinalists of this year's competition

Application's questions

In order to prepare your application, please read the questions you are required to fill in your entry form. All questions are mandatory to answer. 

1. What is your company's name? 

2. Under which industry does your company fall? 

  • Biotechnology & medicine
  • Computer & electronics hardware
  • Energy
  • Internet & web
  • Nanotechnology & materials
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Other

3. Was your company incorporated? If so, please include the type (Inc, LLC, etc).

4. When and where was your company incorporated?

5. Has your company received funding and how much? 

6. How many full/part-time employees does your company have?

7. Please provide your company's website

8. Provide an elevator pitch for Twitter

9. Please provide a full length elevator pitch.

10. Please list your company's advisors and board members.

11. Please describe what problem you are trying to solve.

12. Briefly provide a summary of your solution to the problem.

13. What is your product/service’s competitive advantage?

14. How long can you maintain your competitive advantage? How will you do so?

15. Does your product/service have an IP (intellectual property) component?

16. What is your target market?

17. What is the current size of the target market?

18. What is the estimated annual growth of your target market?

19. Who are your target customers?

20. What steps have you taken to assess demand for your proposed product/service?

21. In U.S. dollar terms, what is your estimated total addressable market?

22. Who are your competitors in the market?

23. What is your company business model?

24. How will your company make money? What will be its primary source of revenue?

25. Does your company have revenues? If yes, how much?

26. What funding is required to launch your company? If you have already launched and received funding, please discuss additional funding requirements. Please provide an explanation.

27. What is your timeline for generating revenue after launch?

28. Please provide financial projections.

29. What is your timeline for breaking even after launch?

30. What are your major challenges? How do you plan to address these challenges?

31. How do you expect MITEF in general and the Startup Competition in particular to help your company?

32. What do you expect to contribute to the local and global MITEF Community?


  • Almost all answers are limited to 500 characters, so prepare them well before you enter your final application.
  • All questions are mandatory to answer

Other Assets

  • Link to LinkedIn profile for each member of the management team (optional)
  • Upload an executive summary, a 1-2 page PDF written summary
  • Upload 1-3 Minute Video Statement pitching your idea (optional)



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